Content Focused Strategy to Support a Move to Virtual Events


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Increase in SERP Keywords
346% Increase in revenue

"Their systematic SEO workflow is cutting-edge"

Billy Guan - Co-Founder

The Challenges
CocuSocial came to us to find an SEO plan that helps them develop their company into new markets. When individuals couldn't host events due to the pandemic, brief reflection and a new content strategy enabled them to focus on an online class model to salvage the organization. What are the best plans, they say? This is a positive thing, if circumstances require, for our ever-vigilant crew. It's good. In 2020, many of our customers, including CocuSocial, were certainly required by circumstances, whose business strategy was based on in-person events.
The Rankdoo Approach
Our original plan for CocuSocial was to implement our creative content ideation method to find keyword groups for competitors not targeted at CocuSocial. We developed the content themes, search optimizations and wrote down the SEO material better than the rivals. We have coupled content efforts with links from high-profile websites to obtain traction with highly competitive keywords. We were there with CocusSocial when they had to shift its business model into virtual classes because of pandemic, by rapidly altering its Content Strategy to match the new search goal.
The Outcome
As a result of our effort, the CocuSocial rankings grew 116% from 3,509 to 7,603 new keywords — about three and a half times their original objective.
977% Page One Keyword increase
638 SERP keywords and counting

This SEO success snapshot says it all if one image is worth a thousand words.

Our Remarks
We are proud to be an extension of our in-house customer teams at the Best Campinas. The basis for swift and decisive actions is transparent communication and easy to provide and take, should and when the course has to be changed. CocuSocial prosperity is a personal point of pride for every team member in the most demanding situations.

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