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SEO Strategy That Truly Makes a Difference


Organic Traffic Up YoY


Increase in SERP Keywords
278% Increase in website leads

“Our company was losing hundred thousand per month following the California's lockdown. It appears that we've turned the ship around with the help of amazing Rankdoo team”

Jim Cunningham - Founder & CEO

The Challenges
The pandemic lockdown threatens the safety of our work when Cunningham Legal arrives at Rankdoo. They hoped that an aggressive SEO strategy could help them move ahead and enhance the website's conversion rate. Rankdoo started to work with explicit knowledge of the stakes by developing a plan to make a decisive difference for Cunningham Legal. A few months ago, it wasn't only an issue of survival for Cunningham Legal but a long line of customers. How have we done that?
The Rankdoo Approach

A thorough technical SEO assessment has commenced, providing Cunningham Legal with internal development resources to execute our recommendations immediately. To discover any unforeseen impediments to ranking, it was essential to track technical SEO. We recognized that every dollar needed to be spent on high-impact initiatives to improve the law firm's research awareness as rapidly as possible.

Our income-generating strategy focuses on identifying seminal topics in commercially feasible keyword subjects that boost the quality of traffic in our keywords research.

Our creative link development has operated based on strong domains, employing accurate anchor phrases to address appropriate page(s) as per our core keyword strategy, with authoritative, topically related links with Cunningham Legal.

Agile content cooperation was the cornerstone of Cunningham's SEO achievement and created the ideal conditions for our team to react fast and meet expected search demand resulting from the enactment of California law, with significant consequences for successful planning.

The Outcome
By completing 6 dashes with Cunningham Legal, we have surpassed the campaign objectives for the year. Bio traffic was up 350 percent after the first year - virtually doubling the campaign's targets.
Ranking of keywords on page #1 increased by 412% YoY
Up to 350 percent of organic traffic over a year

In the top 10 Google SERPs, the aggregate keyword growth on page one increased over 3.5x in the second half of the first year of our cooperation, with 195 different keywords. 485 Organic Website Leads from One Piece of Content have generated roughly 500 results in just a few months to capture the interest in California's shifting estate rules. Moreover, references were received from us

Our Remarks
Cunningham Legal campaign is an example of what a great, targeted SEO can do in unbelievably hard times to assist a little firm in surviving. This is a stirring history of success that highlights how we work with our clients, shoulder to shoulder, consistently focused on things that matter most. Our working connection continues to grow and expand as we work with them towards business goals.

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