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New SERP Keywords
#1 for "Student Loan Refinance"

"Rankdoo is professional, reliable, and adaptable. I highly recommend them."

Jeff Tucker - Director of Digital

The Challenges
Now, a long-standing client, SoFi, sought our help initially as they witnessed a drop in their "personal loans" ranks. We have employed SEO since then to promote their journey towards new markets and to provide successful product launches. We've been trustworthy consultants for their team over the last two years to help them move into new markets and to capture top spots in their main products.
The Rankdoo Approach
The momentum for the development of a Rankdoo strategy with intense search and strong links SEO material from SoFi, which draws prospects at all stages of its funnel and creates momentum with a solid internal connection, has a strategic concentration on the search objective.
The Outcome
Since we began our cooperation two years ago, the organic keyword of SoFi has been steadily growing. Since their election campaign began, the ranking of terms has almost doubled, with the number of keywords on page one of SERPs increasing 75 percent. We not just helped SoFi to restore top ratings for its essential products, such as student loans, but also to strategy their entry into entirely new industries, enabling them, for example, to capture a highlighted "crystal kinds" snippet: 3,220 positions Gains in tracked keyword The SoFi keywords have been tracked since the beginning of our work relationship with a total number of 3,220 positions, and significant growth in essential items such as the consolidation of credit cards and student loans are being funded.
95% Organic keyword growth
11,900 Page One keywords

Rankdoo has generated SEO material for SoFi's essential products to draw attention to its targeted market. Now, confident evergreen content attracts students looking for solutions to student debt who lead Google search results with a software solution SoFi.

Our Remarks
Create Trust for Incremental Success Every success has reinforced our confidence during the two years we worked with SoFi. They know that they can be innovative, proactive and rigorous with Rankdoo — to discover solutions to each new difficulty we face. What's next we can't wait to see!

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