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"Their results are unparalleled. They follow through on their promises.”

Tim Mott - Partner

The Challenges
Valiente Mott is a law company in Las Vegas that works with victims of human damage. In August 2019, partner Tim Mott came to Rankdoo to find a simple strategy to expand organic search traffic to serve more new businesses. They planned to extend their online lead by 100x simply by two-four leads, resulting in one new case every month. Valiente Mott was ready and eager to work up their sleeves.
The Rankdoo Approach

Valiente Mott's pain concerns head-on with an innovative, customized campaign tailored to target their local consumers. We launched an exhaustive audit to diagnose any technical problems that could cause low visibility of their search.

We have prioritized quality building services to boost their exposure when we have found low-quality backlinks that remove signals for Valiente Mott to show credibility and authority for searching. Our efforts were centered on re-linking their conversion-oriented pages, leading from discovery to purchase for ultimate purposes.

In our research on the keywords, a conversion analysis has developed laser-focused intent and led traffic into key conversion sites to achieve their purpose to increase lead generation online.

With a Local Citation and Clean-up Audit, we enhanced the Google My Business profile of Valiente Mott to increase the local search ranking of the people who most needed them.

The Outcome
Valiente Mott had to start ranking keywords linked to his primary business in the face of intense competition from other personal injury law companies. The progression of “Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney” demonstrates a steady increase from page 5 to position 5 in SERP right out of the gate and a consistent ascent of our partnership.
Ranking of keywords on page #1 increased by 412% YoY
Up to 350 percent of organic traffic over a year

In the top 10 Google SERPs, the aggregate keyword growth on page one increased over 3.5x in the second half of the first year of our cooperation, with 195 different keywords. 485 Organic Website Leads from One Piece of Content have generated roughly 500 results in just a few months to capture the interest in California's shifting estate rules. Moreover, references were received from us

Our Remarks
Cunningham Legal campaign is an example of what a great, targeted SEO can do in unbelievably hard times to assist a little firm in surviving. This is a stirring history of success that highlights how we work with our clients, shoulder to shoulder, consistently focused on things that matter most. Our working connection continues to grow and expand as we work with them towards business goals.

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