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What To Expect From Our Call

We'll conduct a comprehensive analysis of your website, and then one of our SEO consultants will present you with a precise roadmap for organic growth. Following the consultation, you will receive an email with the audit results, dashboard credentials and our detailed proposal. Here's what we'll cover during the 30 minute consultation.

Overall SEO health
An overall review to assess your website's current performance.
SEO campaign scope
The exact tactics you need to focus on to increase traffic.
Areas of improvement
What to change to correct any roadblocks standing in your path.
Deliverables needed
Mapping our "dashes" to accommodate the needs of your site.
Growth opportunities
"Low hanging fruit" that you can attack right away for results.
Expected results
A realistic scope of how long it will take to meet your goals.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check out these answers

A dash is a concentrated effort to address each important pillar of an SEO strategy in a short period of time. We don't take months to accomplish a task like keyword research; instead, we 'sprint' through it in a week.

There are no retainer agreement in place. Because each DASH is completed in a few of weeks, no long-term contracts are required.

Each dash is finished as a stand-alone service, which is correct. Almost 80% of our clients, on the other hand, hire us for multiple sprints throughout the year. The "content" sprint, for example, is frequently conducted two to four times each year to guarantee that enough material is developed.

The number of dashes required is determined by the present state, performance, and budget of your website. The majority of our clients hire us for 5 to 6 dashes every year. We will inform you exactly how many dashes we recommend during our consultation call.

Based on the amount of URLs on your website, we charge you a one-time fee. The higher the number of URLs, the greater the work, and the higher the price each DASH.

Yes, we do! Our Sprints are used by a big number of agencies on their own websites. We also provide white label partnerships, which allow you to resell our services to your customers.