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We help online and offline businesses in generating leads and driving sales from Google with short-term SEO Sprints aka "Rankdoo SEO Dashes".

SEO Dash Strategy

A New Era of SEO Dashes for Thriving Businesses

A simpler methodology for driving more organic traffic and leads efficiently

⚠️ Your Previous SEO Agency Fooled You!

They had you believe that "SEO is a continuous process" so that they could bind you into a long-term contract and collect payments even while they're not working.

Here's the truth, most of the work done on your website is a one-time process. So, you shouldn't be charged for the time spent waiting for it to rank.

At Rankdoo, we operate in short, efficient "sprints," aka dashes that combine our proprietary technology with SEO specialists' meticulous attention. We take pride in accomplishing a year's worth of SEO work in just 12 weeks.

Don't waste money on SEO services you don't require!

Traditional SEO Agencies
Long-term contracts
Monthly "retainer"
Complex recurring pricing
Turnaround: 6-12 months
Vague scope of work
Rankdoo's Dash Strategy
Short & Concentrated Sprints
What's a retainer?!🤷‍♂️
Simple Pay-Per-Dash Model
Dash Turnaround: 1-2 months
Clear Project Plan From Day 01
Trusted by over 23 small to medium-sized enterprises throughout the world
IMO Health
3x Faster, Better

We Discovered a Magical Route to Rank You Quicker and Better

A transparent, results-driven alternative to the inefficient and overpriced practices of the past

Without desired traction, traffic is worthless
Reach out to consumers who genuinely want to connect with your products and services
We Understand Business
We know that only ranking up without focus on revenue growth is meaningless
Focusing on Value for Money
We give you value for your investment so that your SEO cost comes down unbelievably
Streamlined Communication
You get the peace of mind - frictionless communication through our dashboard
No Bamboozle from us, Guaranteed!
You pay us to solve real business problems, not mess around in spreadsheets all day.
Case Studies

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The traffic from target keyword searches has increased by 1228 percent in the first year of our relationship with IMO Health.
The rise in new sessions corresponds to an increase of 22,400 organic visitors to Stephens Law's website.
Rental Escapes boosted organic search traffic by 671 percent, total keywords ranked by 1307 percent.

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