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"Rankdoo recently implemented some ideas on how to acquire featured snippets. We had 30 featured snippets in the first month... You won't be able to miss us. Because we don't have enough luxury houses, I spent the majority of today trying to find more. That's a fantastic complaint to have!"

Amanda Gabrielli - Marketing Manager

The Challenges
Imagine a vacation house with every amenity imaginable, including an infinity pool that appears to drop into the most gorgeous blue ocean, a private chef, personal butler, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a local guide is on hand to answer any questions you may have. For the most part, this is merely a lovely fantasy. These unique destinations are what distinguish Brian Schwimmer's company, Rental Escapes. For almost half a decade, Rental Escapes has been a world leader in luxury villa rentals, with the philosophy that "nothing is too much." To be clear, this isn't your standard vacation rental firm where you rent someone's house off the internet while they stay with a neighbor. Brian developed his business on a foundation of supreme elegance and unrivaled service. Brian already knew he had a fantastic brand and a successful business, but despite working with SEO consultants for three years, he couldn't get his website to appear on the first 10 pages of any search engine. Brian saw that there were unexplored markets for Rental Escapes. Nonetheless, the website's poor SEO performance made him worry whether it was a helpful tool for generating quality prospects. Because the majority of his clients live in North America, he urged his marketing manager Amanda Gabrielli to find a promising SEO agency as a last effort to reach his target market.
The Rankdoo Approach
Amanda was originally intrigued by Rankdoo because she believed we would provide her with personalized, client-focused service – a pretty fantastic praise coming from someone who established her business catering to a handful of individuals. It also helped that we were familiar with the intricacies of marketing a high-end product. Amanda understood she'd found a partner in Rankdoo, not just an SEO company, in the end. The 'Website Audit Master' and subsequent SEO strategy further added to her confidence in her decision. Rankdoo used the 'WAM,' which included an in-depth SEO analysis, backlink portfolio research, competitive analysis, and SEO on page analysis, to figure out what was preventing Rental Escapes from ranking higher on Google. Thematic keywords were ineffective, content was limited, and the website was designed around hundreds of geo-specific pages.
Targeting Thematic Keywords

To fill in gaps, find possibilities, and tap into growth potential, Rankdoo launched a tactical, data-driven SEO campaign. Amanda was first pleased by our team's smart and effective topical keywords. But, more importantly, a spike in organic traffic to the Rental Escapes website demonstrated that the thematic keywords were relevant to their high-net-worth clients.

The Outcome
We delved deeper, fueled by the instant success, keen to show that things could only get better. We improved social media awareness, diversified SEO press releases, and executed targeted keyword pumping using an effective link building technique to earn authoritative, thematically related backlinks from trustworthy domains. In non-SEO terms, we employed solid research and data to ensure that the SEO strategy would succeed.
38503 Google Organic Keywords
174K impressions and 26K campaign clicks YoY

Rental Escapes boosted organic search traffic by 671 percent, total keywords ranked by 1307 percent, and the number of keywords with first page results increased from 1255 to 8872 in just one year. The Rental Escapes website's reliance on third-party sites and other online channels for advertising has decreased as organic traffic has increased.

Our Remarks
Rental Escapes received a 780 percent return on their investment. Since 2020, the results of Rankdoo' SEO campaign have raised website revenue by over 50%, making the site their primary source of revenue.

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