Startup/SaaS Growth Pack

Turn Your SEO Channel Into A Growth Machine

Our Startup/SaaS Growth Pack is designed as a simple and cost-effective solution to hit your KPIs and significantly increase your MRR without getting trapped into a retainer contracts. You pay per standalone dashes and enjoy the flexibility as you grow.

If you qualify for our Startup/SaaS Growth Pack, you can save up to 50% on your upfront investment.

Short, Efficient
Agile Approach

A clear path to organic growth

Strategy Dash

Analytics review
Google Search Console review
Technical review
Content audit
Comprehensive SEO strategy
Growing your website's assets

Content Dash

Keyword research
Competitive gap analysis
Content topic ideation
Content matrix construction
Optimized content creation
Landing high authority link placements

Growth Dash

Backlink profile audit
Link prospecting
Link acquisition
Conversion rate optimization
Tracking and reporting
Our Propositions for Startups/SaaS

We can relate to your vision and pain points

Startup nature is in the bottom of our hearts. We consider ourselves as a startup. That's why we are trying to support promising startups and SaaS companies - the most disruptive and exciting industry today.

Optimized For The New Reality

We are not just offering a mediocre service; we build tools that simplify the pipeline and cut costs while still delivering ROI and quality. We dream and plan that someday the tools we build for internal use will become a SaaS on their own. How cool is that?

We converted sophisticated SEO services into a collection of simple operations (we call it DASH) to make it scalable and repeatable. Servicing the same sort of clients with the same needs allows us to produce predictable and pleasant results time after time.

Obviously, you do not seek 12-month contracts, especially with someone with whom you have never worked before. Why? Because the market is volatile, and no one wants to be locked into a long-term contract. On the other hand, we recognize that you will still require the services of an SEO to keep the needle moving forward.

We unpack 12-month project plan and convert it into short dashes. We can now analyze your website's present condition and determine what is required to achieve the best outcomes in the shortest amount of time.

You can hire us for as many DASHES as you need without being locked into a contract. Has your marketing strategy evolved? Not a problem, let's reschedule that content sprint for two months later and focus completely on link building, or we can halt our service until you're ready to return to SEO. SIMPLE!

You receive not only the productized service in the form of Dashes, but also all of the deliverables we work on throughout the campaign. But who wants lots of new spreadsheets and documents that only we understand? Wrong! for e Every Dash, you will receive a consultation to learn how to read and interpret them even when we are not present.

Pain Points
Traffic & MRR need a boost
Paid ads are maxed out
Need a new growth channel
Investors asking for traction
Traffic is growing
More signups from Google
Sales team is busy
Confidence in fund raising

Driven by Data,
Designed for Results

Proprietary Software
Our integrated Website Audit Master (WAM) and SEO reporting tool are designed to ensure you get everything at one place without being overwhelmed.
Transparent pricing
Only pay for the dashes you require to achieve your growth goals. Prolonging your contract for monthly retainers and empty your pockets is not our cup of tea.
Results that last
We don’t sell you any get-rich quick schemes or gimmicks for instant results. We focus on long term SEO Strategies so you can stand the test of time.

Still confused?

Ready to get special pricing for your Startup?

We’ve helped dozens of stratups get more “ready to buy” visitors to their websites from search engines - we can do the same for you. Book your free website analysis with a growth advisor and see if you're compatible with our Startup/SaaS Growth Pack.