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How Rankdoo Increased Stephens Law's Search Traffic Unbelievably


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Increase in SERP Keywords
346% Increase in revenue

"Their results are unrivaled in the industry. They do what they say they are going to do."

Jason Stephens - Founder

The Challenges
Stephens Law specializes in wrongful death and serious personal injury cases. The firm's founder, Jason Stephens, has more than two decades of experience and a proven track record of success in representing Texas individuals and families who have been damaged by the misconduct or negligence of others. Jason approached Rankdoo in August of this year, looking for a simple way to increase their organic search traffic in order to attract more new clients. They intended to increase their web leads by 50x, with just 2-4 leads per month resulting in a new case. Stephens Law was ready to get down to action.
The Rankdoo Approach
With a planned, unique campaign targeted at Stephens Law's local audiences, Rankdoo tackled Stephens Law's pain concerns head on. We began by conducting a thorough assessment to identify any technological issues that could be contributing to their low search visibility.
Toxic Backlinks Elimination

We prioritized quality link building services to boost Stephens Law's exposure as soon as we discovered low-quality backlinks that were suppressing their credibility and authority signals for search. Backlinking activities were concentrated on their conversion-focused websites, resulting in qualified leads being driven directly from discovery to acquisition, leading to a positive impact on the bottom line.

Targeting Conversion Ready Traffic

Our keyword topic research became more laser-focused after a conversion analysis, and qualified traffic was sent to key conversion pages, helping them achieve their aim of increasing online lead generation.

Local Focus for a Big a Impact

We performed a Local Citation Audit and Cleanup on Stephens Law's Google My Business profile to enhance their local search rankings and ensure that the individuals who needed them the most could discover them.

The Outcome
Stephens Law wanted to start ranking for keywords related to their core business because they were competing with other personal injury law firms. Within the first year of our relationship, the ranking evolution for "car accident attorney texas" indicates a rapid rise out of the gate, followed by a consistent ascent up the SERPs from beyond page five to position five. Similarly, their ranking for "personal injury attorney near me" rose quickly at the start of their campaign, rising from the bottom of the search results to second place within a year.
Overall Position Change +4,323
1633 SERP keywords and counting

The rise in new sessions corresponds to an increase of 22,400 organic visitors to Stephens Law's website.Here's how organic clicks and impressions increased year over year throughout the same time period:

Stephens Law's site has performed well organically in the last year. The overall amount of ranking keywords is roughly 15000, increased 11664 keywords since our partnership began.

Our Remarks
Stephens Law's major rivals were so taken aback by their surprising dominance in local search rankings that they couldn't help but wonder what they were doing wrong. By Rankdoo's committed partnership and robust approach, Stephens Law went from impossible to find to impossible to ignore.

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