Fully-managed SEO Service

The Content Dash

Optimizing your existing website assets and creating new content for sustainable result.


What's Included?

Keyword research, on-page optimization, content ideation and creation and much more.

Keyword Research
We'll run a comprehensive analysis of your competitors, industry, and SERP market share. Then we'll reverse engineer exactly what your industry's leaders are doing to outrank valuable keywords and absorb organic traffic.
Keyword Gap Analysis
We use our customized research software that gathers your competitors' keywords and compares them to yours. We can then identify the "gaps" in your website and what your competitors are doing that you are not. These keywords are then used as seeds to develop content production concepts.
On-page Optimization
We ensure that every page is meticulously inspected to identify optimization chances in the title, description, body text, URL slug, structure, and other areas. This technique is designed to help you outperform your competitors and rank better in search results for valuable keywords.
Content Calendar & Topic Ideation
We will generate a series of topics by cherry-picking keywords from the gap analysis. Before we begin blowing out the SEO analytics, we will discuss these ideas with you for approval.
Content Creation and Publishing
The entire research and findings get compiled into a "coloring book" for a copywriter to use in writing the copy. Once the writing is completed, our proofreader and then senior SEO professional review the content thoroughly. Following that, we will post the article on your website.
Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check out these answers

A dash is a short, concentrated period of time during which we focus on each important pillar of your SEO campaign. Instead of taking months to accomplish tasks like keyword research, we sprint it in a week.

We plan out each DASH on the timeline and recommend the amount of DASHES to meet your expectations based on your goals. However, every Sprint is designed to deliver results in the first cycle.

We charge you once at the start of each DASH. There are no recurring payments and no long-term contracts; it's as simple as that!

Our clients typically contract us for multiple DASHES throughout the year. The GROWTH DASH, for example, is typically conducted three to four times per year to maintain backlink velocity and boost brand new pages.

No, unlike our competitors, we break down all of your costs in advance. We do have some partner companies that provide useful services such as web development, UI/UX design, social media marketing, email marketing, and so on. If you need, we won't mind recommending them.


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