A Successful Product Launch Despite the Absence of High-Volume Keywords


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Eddie Cervantes - Digital Marketing Specialist

The Challenges
When Leapwork came to Rankdoo, they wanted to increase leads for a new product and needed an SEO plan to help them compete in a saturated market against competitors with more resources. All of this was accomplished while they transitioned their site to a new back-end. Because it was a completely new innovation, one of Leapwork's unique challenges was having a product that they couldn't easily optimize for SEO. They were introducing a product that didn't have any unique keywords, so they wondered how they could use SEO to promote something that no one knew how to search for. To make the matter even more complex, Leapwork already had a product in their portfolio that was competing for the keywords that their new product would need to rank for. Our strategy team came up with a unique way to drive traffic to the new product while avoiding cannibalism of existing keywords or competing for rank with a similar, established product.
The Rankdoo Approach
We assisted Leapwork in developing a page with instructional content that featured both products, explained the differences, and directed users to the right product for them. To increase visibility for both goods, the former product page was de-optimized, and thematically related keywords were added to the new page. Leapwork was ranked #1 for a high-volume search query, with a People Also Ask section beneath the ranked page. Leapwork's marketing team was worried that by launching their new product, they might mistakenly reduce the quantity of leads coming in from their older product's website, so having Rankdoo lead the strategy allowed for a smooth transition.
The Outcome
Leapwork's ranking for "web automation" improved considerably with its SEO strategy, from teetering on the brink of page two search results to a strong position on page one, resulting in at least twice as many visitors to their static analysis product page. Their strategically essential term “what is selenium” had a significant increase in impressions and click-throughs after moving up to page one. Leapwork saw approximately 8x more traffic to their web app testing product page after using Rankdoo to optimize it, giving them a significant competitive advantage in this highly competitive product landscape. For this high-volume inquiry, Leapwork had previously landed on page two of the results for "web app testing" They currently occupy the top spot and are also mentioned in "Featured Snippet"
1123 SERP Keywords increase
176K impressions and 11K campaign clicks

Leapwork's number of organic traffic rose significantly as a consequence of our campaign, from 2694 to 13130, for a total of 9839 additional ranking keywords — nearly two and a half times their original aim.The number of keywords on the first page of Google has increased by around 100 percent. Leapwork now has 1123 keywords on page one, up from 400 at the start of the campaign.

Our Remarks
Leapwork was first doubtful that anyone could comprehend their business as well as they do. The wording on their site was highly technical and full of nuances, as they were a software company that provided software for other software companies. Our technical rigor won them over, and our dedication to developing material that would drive visitors to their niche product resulted in a successful launch.

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