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1,102% Organic Return on Investment


Organic Traffic Up YoY


Organic Ranking Keywords
87,413 Organic Impressions from Google

"Rankdoo has been on our side the entire time. We expect a return on investment of almost ten to one — I can't say enough good things about this team."

Sophia Barnes - Owner

The Challenges
Vision Corner is a full-service optometry practice in Houston, Texas. The team of committed professionals, led by Sophia Barnes, OD, has decades of experience in eye care. The compassionate staff at Vision Corner encourages eye health for people of all ages. Sophia expected that they would have marketing challenges in order to distinguish themselves from the growing competitors. When her marketing advisor recommended SEO, she conducted some research and discovered Rankdoo. Sophia saw how strategic SEO with a data-focused agency like Rankdoo will help them enhance customer acquisition from the very first calls with our team. Rankdoo was a relatively new firm at the time, and we were trying to make meaningful connections from the start. Vision Corner's SEO was treated in the same way we approached all of our partners: less transactional, more educational. Yes, Rankdoo puts in effort to help our partners get excellent SEO results, but our ultimate goal is for them to understand what we're doing, why it's important, and how it will affect their business.
The Rankdoo Approach
Rankdoo was ready to demonstrate how serious SEO can help a growing business achieve its digital marketing objectives – and pull Sophia out of the door-to-door sales business. From the start, Rankdoo' SEO strategy was ambitious. What were our goals? To grow organic traffic by 30% year over year and to increase keywords ranking in the top 100 by 20%. It was now our turn to work hard.
So, what exactly did Rankdoo do?

This is our Cinderella narrative, except it's the Walt Disney version, not the Grimm Brothers' version. Vision Corner already had everything in place, but they needed to get rid of their time-consuming sales approach. Rankdoo had the distinction of being their fairy godmother, and they needed to get ready for the ball.

The Outcome
Rankdoo' SEO strategy has smashed KPI goals since the debut of Vision Corner in September 2020. First, we boosted organic traffic by 1128% year over year, which is way more than our target. We recognize that these figures appear to be overstated. We find that difficult to comprehend as well, but Vision Corner now has 5,276 keywords listed in the top 100, up from 156 previously. Furthermore, 87,413 users found their site via search engine results (not paid adverts), compared to 379 in previous years. Whatever way you look at it, that pumpkin was the horse-drawn carriage that transported Vision Corner to the ball.
10,022/Month Organic Traffic from Google
127K impressions YoY and 14K campaign clicks

The return on investment is difficult to question. It's the only thing that matters. SEO makes it easier for visitors to locate your website, but that doesn't mean it's worth it if there's no return on investment.

Our Remarks
How did we achieve such a great return on investment? Collaboration. Vision Corner reached a great height. Throughout it all, Rankdoo has been on their side. Indeed, we consider ourselves to be an extension of their team. We collaborated closely with the internal marketing team to develop a unified SEO and marketing strategy.

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